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CG 001.jpg
Character of series LEXX
Title Vice President of TV World
Gender Male
Race Automated human simulation
Affiliation TV World
From TV World
Status Dead
Additional Info
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CG is the automated Vice President of TV World in Episode 2.5: Lafftrak, and is only ever seen as a head speaking from a television set.


CG appears on a television during each stage of a person's "career" on TV World. CG looks and talks like a classic TV host of the 1950's or 1960's, and is always unnervingly chipper even when the star of the show is set to appear on "specialty show", where the person is beheaded by the automated security crew and made permanent members of the studio audience.

Not much else is known about CG other than the fact that he continues to run the TV World attraction despite both planets Leester and Liber having destroyed themselves in the Ratings war, and receiving next to no tourism.


  • You will now be cast in 'Specialty Show'! (CG)


  • The character of CG was played by Tom Tasse.
  • CG was destroyed along with TV World when Mantrid's drones took it apart while following the Lexx.

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