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Brizon 004.jpg
Character of series LEXX
Title Supreme Bio-Vizier of the Divine Order
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Divine Order
From Cluster
Status Dead
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Brizon was Mantrid's teacher, mentor and predecessor in the role of Supreme Bio-Vizier of the Divine Order.

For the episode with the same name, see Brizon (episode).


By the time he is seen, Brizon has begun to sustain himself by parasitically attaching himself to host bodies using the liver. The first of which is shown contained in a tank-like device kept in a coma-like state. Upon boarding the Lexx, Brizon suffers from pains until he can attach himself to another host, for which he uses Xev.

His body in this state amounts to an engineered corpse with many exposed tubes that leak waste fluids, and he requires further attachment to other host bodies to gain other functions. This is shown in his use of Xev's kidneys and his attempt to use Stan's penis in his aim to extort sex from Xev.

One of Brizon's main duties was the upkeep of the Divine Assassins, and much of the technology to preserve them was of Brizon's design. Apart from this he advanced the Divine Order's technology to new heights, through his constant production of inventions which furthered the Orders conquest of worlds.

Amongst his inventions include the original design of the drones Mantrid makes use of througout season 2, and also the Lexx itself.

Amongst the items that Brizon possesses includes a primitive version of the Moth which the Brunnen-G made heavy use of during the the Great Insect War. It is also possible that due to his work on the Lexx, that the modern day Moth was based on the Brunnen-G original that was encountered by His Divine Shadow during the conquest of Brunnis-2. The other item he uses is a Divine Order symbol of office that only high ranking members of the Order carry. This pendant allows him to gain control and deactivate any inventions based on his designs, this allowed him both to take control of Kai and also to gain control of Mantrid's drones.


Brizon's only appearance is in Lexx 2.19 "Brizon", in which he is sustaining himself on an unknown planet that comes under attack from Mantrid Drones. Upon seeing these he makes his escape in a Moth prototype and later encounters the Lexx, where he pledges to defeat Mantrid, but not before he takes control of Kai in order to force Xev to act as a surrogate liver. While he was seemingly able to deactivate the Mantrid Drones, the ultimate downfall of Brizon was not his intelligence, but his arrogance. Despite being greater then Mantrid in intelligence and originality he was able to easily fall to a trap laid by Mantrid as he attempted to regain command of the drones that Brizon had turned off.

Additional information

  • Brizon was played by actor Earl Pastko.

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