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Marty Simon
Released Not an officially released CD album
Recorded unknown
Length unknown
Label unknown
Produced by unknown

The Brigadoom soundtrack was not an officially released CD album, but is instead an unofficial compilation of the songs recorded from the episode Lexx 2.18 "Brigadoom". What this means is Brigadoom as an unofficial soundtrack is the musical elements of that episode along with a small amount of dialog to glue it together for someone who has never watched that episode. You might classify the “album” as a fan edit or something similar.

Song listing

  • 1.Brunnen G
  • 2.Dull Dull Dull
  • 3.Go Beyond
  • 4.Remember - Go Beyond
  • 5.I Must Leave
  • 6.Time Prophet
  • 7.The End of the Brunnen G
  • 8.Accusations
  • 9.Trial
  • 10.Two Hearts
  • 11.We Welcome Death
  • 12.We Are The Brunnen G
  • 13.A Good Way To Die
  • 14.Kai's Death
  • 15.Final Stand

Additional information

The problem with the Brigadoom soundtrack is that it was not recorded under Marty’s aegis. As most of you are aware, Brigadoom’s songs are largely German nursery rhymes with new lyrics written by Lex Gigeroff. Lex’s brother André did the musical adaptation. So already, there is a problem with permissions to use these various nursery rhymes. The final mix and fill-in’s however were done by Marty in his Toronto studio.

“There are around 25 voices involved in that soundtrack. Salter brought in these people for the filming of Brigadoom. Consequently the necessary permissions to release Brigadoom as a soundtrack were never obtained.” And at this point, it would involve a fair amount of money and legal backtracking to be able to release the soundtrack as such.

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