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Bog 001.jpg
Character of series LEXX
Title Leader of Klaagia
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation ?
From Klaagia
Status Dead
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Bog was the leader of Klaagia, but at some point in time he became infected by Wist's satellite worms and subsequently fell under her control. The Lexx comes across a lone transmitter floating through space that relays Bog's original distress message, in it Bog is clearly ill and succumbing to his parasitic infection.

“When it rains it pours” — Bog

Episode 1.3: "Eating Pattern"

Bog is Wist's colleague, even though he was once the leader of Klaagia and eventually became under control of her, he still has some authority over the rest of the slaves of Klaagia. Bog is first encountered by Stanley Tweedle when Wist takes him to the game room. Bog is chiefly concerned with gathering more pattern, a green liquid substance made from disintegrated human flesh and organs that is vital for keeping the satellite worm parasite under control. Bog becomes worried when Wist commands that Stanley will need all of the pattern, but follows along with her plan anyhow.

Bog follows Wist and Stan onto the Lexx, where he suggests then and there that they take it and go fishing, an idea that Wist negates in favor for bigger plans. Bog later finds Zev confined within the pattern machine and frees her, and attempts to woo her by smelling and kissing her. Wist arrives and cuts the romance short, and Bog orders Zev to be tied to the rack. Kai shows up to help Zev and Stan and Bog is delighted at the arrival of second fresh body and releases the door switch that traps and decapitates Kai. Afterward, Bog along with the remaining slaves request permission from Wist to visit the "hole" where they presumably go to die. Bog is last seen laying on the ground around the pit with his satellite worm exposed from his neck.

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