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PavelVedi PavelVedi 27 January 2019


Lexx is a bio-mechanical spaceship and the most powerful weapon known to man. It was grown on the Cluster by His Shadow who intended to use it to blow up any troublesome planets that got a bit lippy. He is not the brightest of spaceships, and has a habit of accidentally blowing things up (usually planets) if not instructed very clearly by Stan, who is now his master. Being bio-mechanical, Lexx's fuel is organic material and he needs to eat regularly to build up reserves. This involves him sometimes detouring a little to pick up tasty "snacks" such as garbage planets, other spaceships, genetic waste pods, and theatres. In season 3 the Lexx is out of fuel to such an extent that he cannot move anymore and is stuck in orbit until the crew can …

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Haravikk Haravikk 30 June 2011

All images categorised!

All current images at time of writing have been licensed and categorised, bar any minor mistakes!

From now on, all new images should be licensed when they're uploaded with , no need for any more content than that in image categories.

Remember to add image categories to suitable parent categories! Character image categories should be added to Category:Images by character and so-on for the following important groups:

  • Category:Images by planet for new planet categories
  • Category:Images by device for new device categories
  • Category:Images by creature for new creature categories
  • Category:Images by ship for new ship categories
  • Category:Images by faction for new faction categories
  • Category:Images by episode for new episode categories

Happy image posting!

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