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Vital statistics
Type Temperate climate,
Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere,
1 standard gravity
Size unknown
Faction Reform planet, Ostral-B heretics
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by the Divine Order

Bingo-44 was the home planet of Laleen, from Lexx 2.10 "Wake the Dead". It was a Reform Planet supporting the Ostral-B heretics in their battle against the Divine Order, and was one of the 100 Reform Planets destroyed as a result of Stanley's capture and labeling as being an "Arch-Traitor".

“790: Did you say you were from Bingo 44, toots?
790: That was a Reform planet. Stanley Tweedle caused it to be destroyed. He murdered everyone you ever loved - or more accurately, their descendants!” — 790 and Laleen in "Wake the Dead"

It is possible that four teens (Enox, Gibble, Kanana, and Tad) are also from there, however it is unknown since no one other than Laleen confirms this. The teens are shown at the beginning of "Wake the Dead" in orbit around an unnamed planet; if they were all from the same Bingo-44 then it is possible that the shown planet was also Bingo-44.

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