Planet B1B
Vital statistics
Type Water, Habitable
Size Unknown
Faction Divine Order, League of 20,000 Planets.
Location Light Zone

B1B was a vacation station intended for Divine Clerics of the Divine Order. The planet is in close orbit with an unknown red planet, and consists of mostly water but has habitable structures built on its surface. A bar located at the top of one building was where Squeeze Pimmel, a production line worker (waitress/hostess) served drinks to Divine Clerics.


The planet only appears in the "Rated: Lexx", a short segment of additional video footage and story details prepared for the American Sci-Fi Channel, but never aired. It was eventually released as a DVD extra.


  • The exterior shot of the building on B1B where the Squeeze Pimmel's bar is located is re-used video footage of Gametown from planet Water.

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