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792, serving droid of Roada
Character of series LEXX
Title Servant of Roada
Gender "Male"
Race Biomechanoid
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792 is an advanced biomechanoid servant produced by the Divine Order for serving its high ranking members.


A 792 unit is mostly identical in appearance to a 790 except that it possesses many visual cues and mannerisms of a stylised butler, in particular they have a pencil moustache and formal attire. Although its head is mechanical in design, it has an organic and living body (Lyekka chooses to consume only the body).

In the role of a servant, the 792 series includes extensive knowledge including medical expertise, and is extremely polite and helpful wherever possible.

The particular model of 792 that is associated with the moniker is found in the service of Roada, governor of the planet Ruuma, a small world whose unique geological properties allow it to serve as home to the reanimated bodies of the Divine Predecessors. While 792 is unlikely to have assisted in tasks relating to the well being of the Divine Predecessor bodies, he certainly acts as servant to Roada and his wife Hidea and daughter Lomea as well as possibly any other staff that were once part of the governor's residence on Ruuma.


His only appearance is in Lexx 2.13 "Twilight" in which he is acting as servant to Roada. His medical knowledge allows him to diagnose and treat Stanley Tweedle after he falls ill aboard the Lexx, who arrives on Ruuma when promised aid. 792 is left bodiless by Lyekka, after opening the gate and allowing the bodies of the Divine Predecessors into the courtyard (per his programming to care for them). He continues to function as a head alone, just as 790 does. He is presumably destroyed when the planet Ruuma is disassembled by Mantrid Drones.

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