For the character with the same name, see 791.

The crew of the Lexx get a distress signal from a crashed ship on Desert World. Stanley Tweedle refuses to go down to investigate, but Lyekka insists that she needs food, and if she doesn't get it she'll be forced to eat the crew. Lyekka plans to eat any survivors down on the surface, but Xev understandably has some moral qualms about this.

Once on the surface, they find a crashed prisoner transport ship with no surviving crew aboard. Inside the crashed ship, they find jars containing still-beating hearts, and 790 finds a cyborg body with which he hopes to finally consummate his love of Xev with. Unfortunately, the cyborg body is not fully compatible 790's head and psychotic and humiliating behavior results as "791" attempts to rape Stanley.

Elsewhere on the ship, Xev and Kai find several prisoners, including a woman named Desh who initially claims to be innocent. They reunite Desh with one of the beating hearts, but she evades them and immediately escapes the transport ship by using a Moth to leave the surface of the Desert World. However, Lyekka follows Desh and hungrily consumes her before she gets too far away.

Eventually, the crew all escape the Desert World in two remaining Moths, just moments before the planet is destroyed by the explosion from the self-destruct mechanism that had been triggered by Desh prior to her escape.

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