791 003
Robot 791
Character of series LEXX
Title Robot 791
Gender male
Race Robot
Affiliation Prisoner ship
From Episode 791 (episode)
Status Dead
Additional Info
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In the episode Lexx 2.9 "791", Xev finds the body of a non-functional cyborg aboard the crashed prisoner transport ship.
For the episode of the same name, see 791 (episode).

Story Edit

790 sees it as the perfect opportunity to snag up a free body and make love to Xev. After 790 is connected to the body, he requests that he now be called "791". (It is not clear whether "791" represented a model of the 790-series ever officially produced.)

However, due to malfunctions or incompatibilities with the cyborg body, 791 begins to exhibit psychotic and unrestrained homosexual desires. 791 summons an already suspicious Stanley Tweedle down to the crashed ship on the Desert Planet by impersonating Xev's voice. 791 taunts and humiliates Stan by forcing him to dance while playing techno music, and promises that he will "kiss him" soon. After almost losing Stan. 791 tires of the horseplay and demands Stanley to spread them and says that he will be dead soon enough. Kai comes to the rescue by forcing the air lock open and knocks 791 through the lock before using his brace to retrieve 790's head.


791: "Ever kiss a cyborg?"
Stanley Tweedle: "No."
791: "You Will!"

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